主要特点/Main Features;

  1. 该机适用于任何4mm-12mm全圆珍珠适用,多种规格模具可供选择,快速便捷轻松的换模设计理念。在操作过程中更加方便,

  2. 采用触摸式的控制面板,工作速度和紧钉度可调。、

  3. 该机采用新型的导向装置,珍珠和四爪机抵扣对接更加准确。

  4. 该机引进国外的先进技术,采用国外的进口气动原件,从而增加了机器的耐用度。

  5. 该机具有操作简单,性能稳定,效果美观的特点。

    1.Round plastic pearl whose diameter is 4mm-12mm can be attached,Different size change different mould li is easy to            change the  mould. uess touch control plate ,The working speed and degree of tightness can be adjusted .

    3.A new vibration plate device is adopted which can make the plastic pearl and nail abutting joint more accurate .

    4.We introduce foreign advanced technology manfacuring machines,the main pneumatic components are imported from         abroad which increaes the abrasion resistance. has the characteristic of operating simple ,ttable performance and beautiful effect .




this machine widely uese in clothing ,shoes,hats,leather goods,waistbtion,art and craft goods,suitcase and so on.

技术参数/Technique parameter;

型号Model                                      SD-997F

电压Voltage                                    220V

总功率Power                                   60W

外形尺寸Dimensions(L*W*H)          800*657*1280毫米(MM)

净重Net weight                              115千克(KG)

可用模具                                          圆珠4、5、6、8、10、12